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Caring for that Wascally Wabbit

Seb Burnett

Rabbits are interesting pets, and relatively similar in behavior to dogs. Like dogs, rabbits can respond when called, sit in your lap, and perform simple tricks. Rabbits are also very clean animals and not difficult to housetrain, or even litter train.  But, if you have an outside rabbit that is older or disabled flies can “flystrike” them during the summer. Flystriking is when the rabbit has urine, feces, or an open sore and the fly lands to hatch eggs. These eggs develop into maggots that will immediately set upon consuming the outward debris, but maggots don’t stop there. Afterwards, maggots will consume living tissue and emit a toxin that leads to shock. So, obviously maggots are bad. The best thing you can do is to keep a watchful eye on your rabbit, especially the hindquarters, and make sure to keep that area clean with a clean, damp, cloth. If a particular area on your rabbit tends to stay damp an effective solution is to shave that area so reduce the moisture absorbing hair.

Did you know that a rabbit’s teeth never stop growing? Now, you may think the prevention of this is through the constant chewing that rabbits tend to do, but it actually comes from the impact of the top and bottom teeth rubbing together keeping those teeth nice and trim.

Rabbits love raisins. As in they really really really like raisins. Wanna train your rabbit to do those aforementioned simple tricks, or litter train him/her? Use raisins.

Rabbits really do need to be spayed or neutered, because, like dogs, this can drastically change their behavior. Unfixed rabbits tend to be more aggressive, and are more prone to developing certain types of cancer.

Handling rabbits can be a delicate affair as they’re somewhat delicate animals. When picking up rabbits , which they tend to not enjoy, supporting all four legs is important. If all four legs aren’t supported by the handler rabbits can break their own backs simply by kicking. This being a result of the back legs being that much stronger than the rest of a rabbit’s body.

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