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Pet, Vacations, and You!

Stuart Edwin Burnett III

The big summer holidays have officially come and gone, well besides Labor Day which will be fun. The week before school starts is a hectic time for plenty of families that forget to take a vacation during the rest of the summer. Mom and Dad wake up one morning and think, “Wait, did we forgot to take the kids on a vacation?” In a near state of panic they begin to pack up the family and get everyone loaded in the car National Lampoon’s style, but wait, what do we do with the dog? That’s where your local pet boarding facility comes to the rescue, but there are a lot of things to consider if you plan to board your dog and/or cat. Vaccines are an important part of your animal’s general health and disease prevention, but also prevention for other dogs in a boarding environment. While they may be able to give your animal vaccines the morning before your pet is set to begin boarding, it’s not recommended. On rare occasions animals can have reactions to vaccines, and if this circumstance were to arise the owner might not be reachable at that point in time.

Temperament of your animals is also something  to consider in how they react with people they don’t know. Has your animal visited with them before? Are they comfortable with the staff? Yes, pet boarding facilities are somewhat accustomed to accommodating animals that are less than comfortable, but  would much prefer your pet to enjoy his/her own vacation. Regardless, your pet will be treated with love and care as they would at home.

Also, if your pet has any special needs it’s less likely that you will forget to inform your boarding facility if you’re not in a rush. For example; if your pet doesn’t do particularly well with men letting your facility know that ahead of time will allow them to hopefully accommodate that special need.  Or if your pet is on any special medication you need to clarify that you have enough for the duration of your pet’s boarding stay. Certain boarding facilities might be connected to a Veterinary Hospital, but some aren’t and it’s a hassle getting all that information together while away.

Do your best to have the information needed to let your boarding facility do their best. Go out and enjoy your vacation while your pet enjoys their own!

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