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Summertime Flea Tick Prevention

Stuart Edwin Burnett III

Well folksit’s summertime here in Georgia and this year the heat has come full force, and along with it fleas and ticks. We’ve seen a large influx of both this summer and flea/tick prevention is paramount for your beloved pets during times like this. Using flea and tick prevention you can stop your pet from getting and also transmitting tape worms. Flea allergy dermatitis is especially awful for your pet’s skin. Tick borne Lyme disease is a particularly nasty tick borne disease.

Information for Lyme Disease and other transmittable tick diseases can be found at,, there is some awful stuff out there and you need to protect your pets. Following something as easy and affordable as flea and tick preventative care can save you hundreds, and even thousands, if your pet contracts one of these diseases. We at Atlanta West Veterinary Hospital recommend that if you happen to pull a tick off of your pet and the tick has any size to it you should bring the pet in for preventative treatment. It’s 100 percent worth coming in and doing preventative treatment as opposed to waiting for symptoms to arise for a disease that is significantly difficult to diagnose, treat, and live with the symptoms. Be well.

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