Make Pet Dental Care an Essential Part of Your Pet's Wellness Routine

While your pet may not need a pearly white smile like you, their oral hygiene is still a critical part of their overall health. Atlanta West Veterinary Hospital strives to make pet dental care accessible, affordable, and most importantly, a comprehensive and comfortable experience for your pet. 

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Be Proactive: Preventing Dental Disease

Dental disease is entirely preventable and your pet deserves a pain-free life. Annual dental appointments coupled with at-home care will significantly reduce their risk of dental disease and other issues. While you may be able to clean tartar and plaque build-up on your pet’s teeth at home, you can only clean what you see—nearly two-thirds of the tooth is under the gum line, where plaque build-up is much more serious.

Our Professional Services

Our pet dental care is the whole package: beginning with xrays,we scale, polish, and do extractions if needed. Removing excessive plaque and tartar both above and below the gum line gives your pet the best chance at fighting dental disease. Polishing includes a fluoride treatment for additional tooth protection. Every procedure is performed while the pet is under general anesthesia, with full monitoring for their safety. 

At Home Care

For the best preventive care, brushing your pet’s teeth daily can significantly reduce dental disease risks as well as lessen their trips to the clinic. However, we understand you have busy days where it simply cannot get done, but the key is to do as often as you can. 

Brushing a yorkie's teeth.See more of from this Yorkie model:

How to Recognize the Signs of Dental Disease

Pets can hide their pain and illnesses well, and dental problems are no exception. However, certain behaviors and symptoms may be telling signs of dental disease. Keep an eye out for:

Bad breath, one of the most common signs of disease

Odd tilting of the head to one side when eating

Difficulty chewing

Excessive drooling or bleeding from the mouth

Sneezing and nasal discharge

Loss of appetite

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