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     Atlanta West Vet Emergency Services    

Here at Atlanta West we offer day-time emergency services.

If your emergency takes place after-hours, or our doctor is unavailable, please call Westside Animal Emergency Clinic at 770-819-1090.

As pet owners ourselves, we know how stressful emergencies can be. We aim to do everything we can do to help you through this difficult and hectic time. We want to make the situation as easy as possible on you and your pets. 

Our veterinarian and staff are well trained for the emergencies brought to us on a daily basis.We are excellent when it comes to caring for your pets during the most critical of situations. We know emergency drugs and the different techniques that could save your pet’s lives.

Our hospital is fully prepared for emergencies and fully equipped with the latest in digital x-rays and in house diagnostics.

Our staff is here to help you through this difficult time, and are prepared to talk you through the entire process, including the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options. We will let you know what we are doing every step of the way. If it is necessary for your pet to receive in house care you will be well informed of their status, and behaviors.

Be sure to contact us at (770)-459-2253 if you have an emergency, and while on the way you can help us with some prep work. If you believe your pet to have ingested some sort of poisonous substance bring a sample of the poison or at least an indication of what it is to give us further information. If you’re able, bring us a relatively fresh fecal sample to check for parasites. Also, if you’re not already a client please bring any medical records to allow us to see your pet’s medical history. Having this information helps us move towards a solution to your pet’s issue that much faster. 

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