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Atlanta West Veterinary Hospital offers reasonably priced experienced care for your dogs, cats, reptiles, exotic pets, and large animals in the Villa Rica - West Georgia Area.

With more than 30 years of experience in veterinary medicine, we understand that your pet is a member of the family, and a visit to the vet can be stressful for certain pets.That is why Dr. Burnett and our experienced team treat each pet that comes into our state-of-the-art facility with the utmost care. We take the time to make sure you have all the information you need when it comes to your pet's care to select the best course of action for their quality of life. Dr. Burnett is one of the few USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) certified veterinarians in Georgia for Domestic/International Travel Certificates and Services. 


We strive to ensure your pet receives the best care possible by offering later office hours and house calls. 

From preventative veterinary care to major surgery, cold-laser therapy, boarding, and grooming we work our hardest to help your pet live a long healthy life.

Call Atlanta West Veterinary Hospital today at 770-459-2253, or browse our website for more information about our services and general pet care.

                              Dr. Stuart Burnett, D.V.M.

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Meet Our Staff

  • Dr.
    Stuart Edwin Burnett Jr.

    Dr. Stuart Edwin Burnett Jr. DVM, also affectionately known as Doc Win, comes by his love for animals honestly as he is a second generation Veterinarian. To pair with his day job as a veterinarian Doc Win is an accomplished multi-talented singer/songwriter. Doc was raised in Sumter, South Carolina on a farm working with his father from 6th grade until attending Veterinary School. While attending the University of Georgia’s Veterinary School Doc Win’s love of music lead him to pay his way through school playing in different Atlanta venues and fraternity events. Well known to people for his charitable endeavors, Doc Win is loved and respected by a multitude of veterinary clients and their animals. In his free time, he enjoys being at the lake, playing music and spending time with his family.

  • Susan Wirsbinski
    Floor Manager

    Susan is a talented Veterinary Assistant and manages the treatment area, surgical area and kennel area of our hospital. Susan was born and raised in Georgia and loves to spend time at home with her wonderful animals. Susan loves her job and always wanted to be a vet. She has always been around animals; cows, horses, dogs, you name it. “When Dr. Burnett decided to hire me, I felt like this was where I was meant to be, I do love my job.”

  • Angie Mintz
    Veterinary Assistant

    Angie grew up in Atlanta Georgia always surround by animals. She began her veterinary career in 1986. In 1989, Angie started working with Dr. Burnett at Hiram Animal Hospital, and has once again become part of this amazing team. Throughout her career Angie has worked with a wide range of animals; including Llamas, large animals, small animals, and exotics. Angie is currently pursuing an advanced education in Animal Health Care. “ I didn’t choose this career, it chose me. Even as a kid, I wanted to heal animals. I was always around animals because animals were always around me. I am so happy I work with a team dedicated to expert animal care, and owner support and education. It’s a blessing.”

  • Terah Briggs
    Front Office Manager

    Terah was born in Hampton, Virginia and moved to Georgia when she was five years of age. She has one “fur baby” named Bentley who truly is her best friend. Terah has always showed a passion for animals. Beginning when she was just a toddler, having raised and helped animals throughout her life, this is a passion passed down from her grandfather. Terah has learned so much from her time as a Kennel Tech at Fulton County Animal shelter and as a member of the Atlanta West Hospital. She appreciates the staff of Atlanta West Hospital, taking her under their wing and couldn’t ask to a part of a better animal hospital.

  • Penny Jenkins
    Practice Manager

    Penny has worked for Dr Burnett and Atlanta West Veterinary Hospital for 5 years. After assuming the responsibilities of Assistant Practice Manager under Angela Swofford for 2 years, she became the Practice Manager upon Angela's semi-retirement in mid 2020. Penny has spent her entire life surrounded by animals: dogs, cats, rabbits, deer, raccoons, horses. She was raised in Tennessee and was a Biology major at The University of Tennessee. She moved to Georgia 25 years ago. She currently has three dogs, four cats, and a family of opossum that live under her back deck. 'I love working for Dr. Burnett. This is my dream job and where I am meant to be.'

  • Amy Bullington

    Amy is truly a marvel with grooming animals. Truly, we are consistently stunned with the level of professionalism and skill she's able to display working with a wide range of animals. 

    Make an appointment with us at 770-459-2253 and let Amy work her magic with your pet. 

  • Richard Wirsbinski

    Rich was born in Fairbanks, Alaska and received his Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of North Dakota after joining the Air Force. He spent 30 years in Retail Management, and is thoroughly excited to dive into the Veterinary world and lend his expertise. Rich enjoys riding his motorcycle, woodworking, and spending time with his family (including his dogs Yoshi, Emma, and Constance).

  • Angela Swofford

    Angela has a combined background in business management and accounting, as well as the veterinary industry. Back in 1988-1998 she worked as Dr. Burnett’s office Manager and Bookkeeper in Hiram, Georgia. After owning her own bookkeeping business and twenty-five years of Office Management she was prepared to deal with the daily challenges as a Practice Manager for Atlanta West Veterinary Hospital. After 4 1/2 years of managing Atlanta West, Angela has recently semi-retired and has assumed the Accounting responsibilities for the practice. And she proudly handed over the reins of Practice Manager to Penny Jenkins in mid 2020. Angela lives in Villa Rica and enjoys ballroom dancing and spending time at her farm in Whitesburg, Ga. She is owned by her cat “Rockcat”, they have been great buddies for a number of years.

  • Samantha Lynch
    Veterinary Assistant

    Sam's addition to our hospital has truly been a blessing. She has been a Vet Tech for 6 years and we are constantly amazed with her skill level and professionalism. She has extensive knowledge in working with exotic animals, farm animals and reptiles. Sam has 2 dogs: Freckles and Duke. In her spare time, Sam enjoys hiking and kayaking with her fur babies and her significant other, Jeremy. She is also an avid photographer. 

  • Tracy Evans
    Assistant Pharmacist

    Tracy was born in Birmingham, AL and moved to Georgia in 2007. He has been surrounded by dogs for his entire life. 'Working with Dr Burnett feels like the perfect fit for me. I have experience in retail, hospital and IV pharmacy but I have finally found my home in veterinary pharmacy.'

  • Austin Burnett
    Veterinary Assistant

    Austin is the son of Dr Stuart Burnett and is following in his father's footsteps! He recently joined the staff at Atlanta West as a full time Vet Assistant while also attending the University of West Georgia where he is pursuing a degree in Biology. Austin was born and raised in Georgia and has been surrounded by animals his entire life. He loves the outdoors and spending time with his family.

  • George Bein
    Kennel Technician

    George was born in New York and lived most of his life in Miami, FL before moving to Georgia 18 years ago. After working for Home Depot for 25 years, he decided it was time he acted upon his long time dream of working with animals, and our hospital is the beneficiary of that decision! George has 10 cats and 2 dogs of his own and he has been a welcome presence in our kennels. 'I was blessed to become part of the Atlanta West Team several years ago and I look forward to many more!'

  • Nancy Mateo

    Nancy was born and raised in Miami, FL and has called Georgia home for the past 18 years. While growing up in Miami, she was fortunate enough to be able to volunteer at a wildlife refuge and work with tigers-which are her favorite animal. She currently has 7 wonderful kittens- all which were adopted from Atlanta West. 

  • Mark Jenkins
    Kennel Technician- part time

    Mark has lived all over the United States: Kansas, Tennessee, New York, California. He has called Georgia home for the last 14 years. A live audio engineer by trade, Mark works in the kennels whenever we need extra help and we are so fortunate to have him! His love for the animals and his ability to work with even the most difficult creatures makes him a valuable member of our team. Mark has 3 dogs and 4 cats that he shares with his wife Penny.

  • Sebrina Daniel

    Sebrina has spent her entire life surrounded by animals- it is her passion and the driving force behind everything she loves. She has worked with exotic animals and has extensive experience rehabilitating wildlife. Sebrina has 3 children and 2 grandchildren. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, kayaking, and being a survivalist. 

  • Alexis Daniel
    Kennel Technician

    Alexis has been around animals all her life. She has spent the last 3 years working with all types of animals- exotics, domestic, and wildlife. She is a wonderful addition to our team! Her enthusiasm and tremendous work ethic make her invaluable. 'Animals are my passion and I plan to work with them forever!'

  • Emma Hall
    Kennel Technician

    Emma grew up on a farm working with and caring for a huge assortment of animals. She currently has 6 dogs and 6 cats of her own. Her attention to detail while working in our kennels and her obvious love for all the animals make her an indispensable member of the Atlanta West Team. 'Working here is truly a blessing. Seeing the babies every day warms my heart and brings joy to my day!'

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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "The staff here as well as Doc Win are absolutely fantastic! They are caring and personable as well as professional!"
    Lorrie Thir Ardrey
  • "I have nothing but great things to say about this place. Staff, Facility, and doctors are all top notch."
    Louis Kuykendall
  • "Such sweet and caring staff!! They really are devoted to helping all animals! Big thanks to the doc, who saved the little 4 week old kitten I brought in. The whole team was really understanding, & I appreciate all of them so much!!"
    Heather Neuman
  • "They are absolutely amazing to my Great Danes!!! I love the staff and doc win!!!!! My mother used them and now I do. By far best vet ever!"
    Merissa West
  • "This place is awesome. They took great care of our Simba. The staff is amazing and Doc Win is wonderful. Thanks to him our baby is recovering from a obstruction in his intestines. I can't thank them enough."
    April Wiggins White


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